Global Medical (Thailand), Co., Ltd. is established by pharmacists, scientists and experts in various fields. Our aims are to produce goods and provide services regarding health, skin and beauty. With high-quality standard in every procedure such as product design, research, development and efficiency test in producing, containing and quality controlling. Besides, the company also serves as a marketing consultant, and a leader of preeminent technologies and innovations in Thailand. All these facts are to deliver high-quality and safe products to customers.


Smooto is a cosmetology brand of skincare products. Our ingredients are derived from numerous fruit extracts from Japan, which empower the nourishment to make the skin look naturally beautiful, like the original Japanese skin value. The product image of fruits signifies the word ‘Smoothie’. However, the  main active ingredients are from Japan; therefore, the word is modified from ‘Thie’ to ‘To’ in order to make the word sound Japanese と. This symbolizes the uniqueness of the brand which involves skincare products, of which ingredients are rich in many fruit extracts from Japan. They help skin look flawlessly beautiful and Japanese-like.

Smooto Uniqueness

Our products are skincare and nourishing makeup which combine the ultimate natural extracts from fruits in Japan, such as tomato, aloe vera, lemon, etc. With the advanced technology called Nanoliposomes, it retains the value of the extracts while delivering it to skin for the best result. As a consequence, skin looks glowing and healthy, according to the value of Japanese beauty. Our products, developed by pharmacist team expertise in dermatology, are suitable for Asian women skin. Moreover, cute and colorful fruit images in packaging make the products attractive.

Awarded Prizes

  • The honorary 1st runner-up award in ‘The Best 7 Innovation Awards’, in the category of the innovation benefiting economy and business.

  • The best of the year award in ‘Lemonade Awards 2016’ in the field of Lemonade Reader’s Vote: Best Face Serum, to honor the product success of Smooto Tomato Collagen White Serum. It has been voted the 1st top facial nourishing serum of the year, which is popular among readers and guaranteed by the sales figure of more than ten million pieces per year.

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Smooto Products

Smooto divides its products into 6 different series, to completely cover and fit all people needs in skin nourishments, which include:

1.Fruit Series The Fruit series concerns natural skincare products with Nanoliposomes innovation. It retains Vitamin A, B, C and E in small particles. They gradually release their nutrients while being absorbed into skin. Together with nano-arbutin and nano-glutathione, they help clarify skin to look natural and healthy like the Japanese. The products in the series are as following:

  • Smooto Lemon-C Acne White Magic

  • Smooto Apple Q10 Baby White Cream

  • Smooto Tomato Gluta-Aura Sleeping Mask

  • Smooto Orange Gluta-Aura Scrub Mask

  • Smooto Gold Pomegranate Aura White Serum

  • Smooto BB-CC Body White Cream

2.Kawaii Series The Kawaii series contains ultimate extracts suitable for skin, such as bee venom extract, Japanese tofu extract, and snail extract included in one product. Skin looks beautiful, clear and healthy like Japanese. The products in the series are as follows:

  • Smooto Kawaii Magic Whitening Serum

  • Smooto Kawaii White Booster Mask

  • Smooto Kawaii BB-CC Aura Cream

  • Smooto Kawaii Bright and White Mask Sheet

3.Tomato-collagen Series The tomato-collagen series possesses 10x tomato extract. It repairs long-term Sun-damaged and uncared skin to look clearer. Owing to arbutin, collagen and glutathione, skin looks radiant, shining and healthy. The products in the series are as following:

  • Smooto Tomato Collagen White Serum

  • Smooto Tomato Collagen BB and CC Cream

  • Smooto Tomato Collagen White and Smooth Mask

  • Smooto Tomato Perfect White Body Serum

  • Smooto Tomato Collagen Whip Foam

4.Premium Series The Premium series involves secret formulas from Japan, suitable for all 7 skin problems. It includes premium extracts like stem cell from azalea flower, 24-hour moisturizer and nano-whitening extract. The products in the series are as follows:

  • Smooto Premium Sunscreen Whitening Essence SPF50

  • Smooto Premium Collagen Whitening Serum

5.Vampire Series The supreme BB and CC sunscreens in this series cover flaws and spots with non-greasy touch. With glutathione extract, collagen extract and red wine extract, they help skin to be brighter, its texture and color to be naturally even. The products in the series are as following:

  • Smooto Vampire BB Gluta White Lotion

  • Smooth Vampire BB&CC Gluta White Cream

6.Aloe-E Snail Series  The products of Aloe-E Snail series are enriched with 99.5% intense aloe vera, together with vitamin E and natural snail extract. The gel texture is smooth, light and easy to absorb. It helps revitalize damaged skin to become healthy and vivacious. The products in the series are as follows:

  • Smooto Aloe-E Snail Bright Gel

  • Smooto Tomato Aloe Snail White & Acne Sleeping Serum

  • Smooto Tomato Aloe Snail Jelly Scrub

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